For years, Central Americans have invaded and debased our once-beautiful country.

Our Grievances

Hispanic day laborers Protesters demanding illegal alien healthcare
MS-13 gang members surrounded by police

Their Appeal to Emotion

Right now, a caravan of thousands of Central Americans is marching towards the United States, and they will demand asylum as refugees.

Aerial view of long stretch of marching Central Americans

They tote women and children, and will appeal to the conscience of our generous nation.

Central American child

We were commanded, “give to the poor.”

That would be fruitless if we made ourselves poor in the process.

These people are not refugees. They are economic migrants, who will impose a massive cost on the United States. The media will claim that anyone disillusioned to this reality is racist and heartless.

Ground view of long stretch of marching Central Americans

Letting these people live in our country would be heartless to everyone, citizen and non-citizen, whether white, black, or any shade in-between.

Our Appeal to Reason

There is an ancient saying to which the United States attributes its wealth:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day,
but teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.

We will not give a fish to every man, woman, and child, every day, from cradle to grave. We will not enslave ourselves to foreigners. We will not inflict the wound of charity upon another nation: to finance an economy of beggars.

An immigrant once claimed we were “lucky.” On the contrary; a United States citizen answered him:

Do you think when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock they found buildings, skyscrapers, roads, luxuries?! No! They worked their asses off farming... and their progeny dug, and mined, and built factories! Get off your asses and improve your own damned country!

Daniel Boone blazing the frontier

Central Americans south of the border believe they can demand entry into our country. But our nation refuses to offer illegal aliens the benefits of citizenship without the responsibilities.

On the contrary, the Patriots of the United States of America make a demand to this caravan of Central Americans:


Veteran in a new field

If this caravan attempts to cross our border, the President must do his duty. The President must order that the military protect our border from this foreign invasion. The caravan’s innocent appearance masks the destruction it will wreck on both of our nations, should it settle here.

A shithole country

Our Duty

Immediately, contact the White House via their website, and every day at 9 AM (EST), call the White House:


Demand the following:

This is an invasion, and our survival is at stake.

If the President will not uphold his duty to protect our borders, then he has failed in his duty to serve his People. The People of the Nation must then assume the duty themselves, and take up arms at the border, and defend it from invasion.

Americans watching the border

There is an awakening among those who love the United States. It is not enough to demand that injustice be temporarily halted. We The People demand a full reversal: OUR GOVERNMENT MUST SERVE US!

Call your congressman and petition for legislative change:

Ask them for these changes:

Should our government still refuse to serve its citizens, our message is clear:

We will not allow the government to subject us to tyranny and replacement. We will fight back, and replace traitors with True Patriots.

Battle of Yorktown